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Welcome to Nursing Education Network. This educational website is created by nurses specifically for nurse educators. Education theory, simulation, research and social media are part of this e-learning experience.

The aim is to create a resource for nurses to access, share and develop a learning community using open access resources. The posts we create are based on micro-learning, so they are focused quick snippets for learning on the go. You are invited to use our content to help others learn, all we ask is that you spread the word


All courses are for the person who is interested to learn Nursing from home. during this COVID19 situation, You can keep your eye on our best nursing learning courses to become a professional nurse.


“Very helpful Courses and Support.”

It was a real incredible experience for me. The quality of courses was only matched by the quality of service I got. I wish I can keep the flavor in learning for ever. Thanks .
Sandra Files

Best Courses

COVID19 Cares

Covid19 Vaccine

Symptom Management

Skills for Nursing Informatics

Supporting Families

Palliative Care

Pain Management

Leading Healthcare Quality

Perioperative Fluid Therapy

Pediatric HIV Nursing

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How we cares

We start by making the patient assessment and follow through. Directing the Home Care program every step of the way, until the patient is discharged.


Our approach to quality care focuses on a commitment to providing a level of expertise, training, patient service.


Our highly skilled and trained caregivers provide companion care to seniors with a variety of daily activities.